Facts About Undercover Work


An undercover officer or investigator is a person who works as a law enforcement officer in a disguised manner in order to complete an investigation. Undercover stings and operations are held to stop drug trafficking, murder plots, white collar crimes, gang retaliation, and many other potential crimes.  The role of an undercover officer is exciting, but there are many dangers that come with the position.  Undercover officers must take extra precaution to ensure their safety during an operation since there are so many added risks that comes when working in a scheme of this magnitude.

undercover clothes

All undercover officers carry weapons on them, but it isn’t like what you’ve seen in the movies or even on the crime shows that air on the TV. They aren’t wired up with duct tape strapped across their stomachs because this is just too obvious. But, they do have a weapon in their undercover clothes just in case a situation breaks out that requires them to protect themselves or others involved in the operation.  Officers always protect themselves and the interests of the community during any situation. The clothing designed to accommodate weaponry disguises the gun so it is not easily seen by the eye.

Officers who work undercover are paid well for their duty and earn great benefits as well. While the average uniformed police officer earns an annual wage of about $53,090, the undercover agent has an income closer to or greater than $75,665 annually.  Obviously the rate of pay that an officer earns varies and factors like the city/state, year of service, and job title influence the earnings. However, it is nice to know that undercover officers do earn a substantial amount more money, considering they take even greater risks than the average officer.