Industrial Wipes Do Better Job Than Vacuum Cleaners


wiping rags

Years ago, more than likely in a country far away from you, there was this creative jingle. An ad team went on to create a couple of memorable lines on behalf of one of those giant multinationals. The buzzword was that nothing sucks better than their vacuum cleaners. Cheeky, punchy, clever and all the rest of it, but yes, it still sucks. It’s taken all these years for good folks who have decency and respect for clean areas to realize that they’ve done more damage than good. Instead of cleaning the environment, the fancy vacuum cleaners ended up creating more mess.

There’s a reminder that must go out tonight before all is forgotten. It’s better to use domestic and industrial wiping rags than the wasteful and ineffective plug in and maybe they’ll work and maybe they won’t vacuum cleaners. No matter how fancy and smart they are, they never get it right. It’s just not possible to scoop up every single speck. Vacuum cleaners also take up a lot of energy. You’ll end up with a heavier energy bill always. See how quickly you bring down your energy use costs once you replace the vacuum cleaner with the above suggested wiping rags.

There’s a firm belief that overall, they’re doing a far better job in cleaning environments, in more ways than one, as already alluded to earlier. No, the vacuum cleaners are not headed for the landfill sites. They’ll need to be recycled somehow, somewhere, responsibly. Now, these fine rags, would you believe, originated from these landfill sites. A great bunch of people got together and started sifting through all the debris, reclaiming old, discarded clothing and linen materials. And they took it all to their sheds to refashion as wiping rags.